Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Gee, I think I'll have to learn to smoke."

September 25, 1918
Aero Squadron A.
Riverside, Calif.

Dearest Girl!

Just read your letter over, didn’t really have time this noon. Anyway I love to read your letters. Makes it seem as tho you live right here (almost!) Gee you have presence of mind when you can throw a comeback like that in a restaurant. Fellow keeps cool in a critical situation sure wins. Psychology you know. Is that deep too – did I? what!

Brother and sister – yes, but dear girl. I have a sister and you have a brother. See one can’t have two nowadays with everything so high. I just wrote her a letter tonight were I to put her letter in your envelope and yours in hers, she wouldn’t understand and you wouldn’t either honey!

Wish I knew what else to write. I’d love to go to the LA Orpheum Sun. night tho with you. If. I can’t figure out anything definite in the army.

I must do some laundry. Can’t get it back in time from the laundry and they don’t do it like we soldiers do.

And O, I must write a dear aunty of mine in Ohio a letter. She is always sending things and things and things. So, night honeybunch. And write soon. E.D.

Aero Squadron A.
Oct. 3, 1918

So! Dear girl:

Forgive me for writing two to your not any. It’s been raining all afternoon, was through work early and I don’t have to stick around like most of the fellows till 5: So I didn’t have anything to do to keep from thinking. Been studying this eve. O, on aerodynamics. They just brought in the maid and there was none for me. Um hum. I just turned away and said “darn it” and everything just like that. I hardly know what to write. I only know I want to come to Ontario awhile Saturday eve. May I?

We were to have been paid yesterday eve, but the PM was away and didn’t come back till after nine. And we were all dolled waiting in the dark. They called it off and we went over this morning before 5: It was either then or – later. The other squadrons will have to wait. We won the relay race the other night and a game of ball so the K.O. felt pretty good. Gonna have a special feed soon.

The movie bunch has gone. They will show the pictures for the first time in the Y.A. in about two weeks. Dear, dear girl wish you could see them. They ought to be fine. Gee, I think I’ll have to learn to smoke. The other fellows are writing, smoking and writing. All I can think of is sweet music and you. They keep the piano busy. M-hmum! And how are you? Bet you rec’d a letter from him [Clarence] and he says he has no other girl. O Mamie dear, I want you anyhow.

It’s Friday again tomorrow and inspection and everything. But I can’t be bothered. Hope we get through early Saturday. This morning one of the machines kissed the ground. No one hurt. Had trouble with several of the others. Same circus, bunch of sparrows, etc.

Mc. Jimmie just asked, “What are you doing Saturday? Writing to her?”

It’s mailing time, so night dear.

Writing something anyhow. Will you hunnie?

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