Thursday, December 10, 2009


A woman writes to Ernest about the end of the war:

Nov. 11, 1918

Dear Ernest:

I am still in bed but rejoicing over peace being declared and thought of you and am sending you these few lines to tell you so. Everyone in Exeter acts as though they were crazy. Closed everything up and just parading the streets in every way shape and form. And making all the noise they can. I don’t blame them if I was able to I would be among them and doing my bit. Can’t write very much but want to let you know I thought of you. Best wishes and hoping to see you before long. I remain as ever Your SST.

Mrs. E. Patten

Ernest writes to Mamie the day the war ends:

Nov. 11, 1918
Aero Squadron A., Riverside, Calif.

Dearest little girl of mine:

Rec’d your big little letter last week. Sure was glad to get it. Poor lil dear. Fellow sure feels helpless. Wants to do something and I can’t. Hope honey that you are alright again when this gets there and that it doesn’t take it long to arrive. Mail sure must go around some to get there.

That bit that you wrote on the margin seemed kind of funny. One of the words from the lines dropped it in two and I read the first part and then I saw. Ha ha. One half. Ha ha. Must be a dear sweet smile. Did you give the other half to Mabel?

We are still in quarantine but managed to get a pass and went to LA. And O boy I went on the stage Cadillac, and it was all I could do to stay on the stage office in Ontario to change. Hecktopinkus! Whatever that means – and everything. Visited one of my brothers for a while, rode around in their machine. Bummed around the rest of the time. Took a few pictures, etc. And now I’m back and the war is over and everything. Am awfully lonesome right now. A big bunch of fellows were to have gone to France and Honolulu from our squadron but they suspended it, as they did the draft.

Well I haven’t written anything. Did some washing and now it’s getting late again. Some of our things we can wash better than the laundry. Then have the post tailor presses them.

One of the fellows just made sergeant and he has [?] on his overcoat, coveralls and shirt. And they all kid him and say he has them on his underwear.

I just rec’d a letter and package from sis in Ohio, sent me some more socks. Gave several pairs to several fellows to wear at night. It’s been real cool here the last week. Frost every morning.

Well dear dear girl

I wonder wonder wonder wonder about so many things.

Hope darling that you will and can ½ ha ha yet – and not think I’m writing too often.

Honey if you do, I’ll just write anyhow.

And then tear up the letters. XX

I guess.

And when I just want to see you sooo, I’ll look at your sweet self in a picture and then say sugar oh sweetheart.

I want to say things but don’t know how. Wish I could write like you. Night and all the love in the world as ever. E.D. XX

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