Monday, December 21, 2009

That Town was 'Wild Ditto'

I'd say Mamie is happy the war is over, wouldn't you?

November 12, 1918

Oh Earnest, isn’t this a wonderful day! Think of what it means for the world. I wish you could understand just how I feel today dear. But you can’t I guess. I want to shout and sing and yet I want to cry. I wish I could be with you today.

I got up at 2:00 last night and Zella and I went up town. Of all the noise and fun. There was a [?] a mile long formed in less than fifteen minutes and we were second to the head. Fire truck led. We went all over Ontario and Upland and shouted and sang and screamed and blew horns and pounded tin cans till I can hear it yet. It lasted till 5:30 and then we came home almost froze to death and hoarse! I couldn’t speak! I went to bed and got up at 9:30. Ha ha! Am cleaning and decorating the machine to be in a big parade at 2:30 today. I only wish you could be here with me. Wouldn’t it be great tho?

Well, I’ll see you – Sunday? And don’t forget that I am thinking of you today and loving you.

Bye bye dear & love, Mamie.

She also must remind Ernest she's thinking of him and wishes he were there. Looks like they are making plans to see each other again. She's still engaged to Clarence, but she doesn't want ED to go away just yet.

She gets what she wants. He can't bring himself to say goodbye:

November 13, 1918

At home

Aero Squadron A., Riverside, Cal.

Dearest Dear Girl:

I wrote you last night and wrote that I did not at the moment know would I mail it or not. I did not. Gee gee gee, that was an awfully dear letter you wrote, but it sure got me. It made me feel worse than the whirling chair.

I read three letters – one from you, one from an old chum and the other from my sister-in-law. Read theirs in a hurry and wanted to keep yours of all the letters till I had a bit of time alone. Sis said some day someone would address me thus Dear Ernest oof! Chum says that town was wild ditto, as Ontario. Methinks all the towns in the world went wild. It’s certainly great that that hell has burned itself out.

Then I read your loving letter and re-read it several times since. O dearest of girls, ya give a fella an awful thump. O God! O girl! O you, forgive me darn sweetest darling girl. I almost wish I had never seen you, and yet I wouldn’t take the world for having seen you. I am afraid I haven’t added much toward your happiness since I’ve known you dear. But I wanted so much too. Yes, we ought to be engaged. Wish we were. Gee I used to think lots of those lovely things, but I guess it’s bye. Goodbye to the dearest most loving sweetheart an unworthy fellow ever knew. And those laughs and that hair that I was more crazy to have brush into my face (and nestle into) than you know. But g-bye and O sugar!

They informed us the other day that the quarantine was definitely on indefinitely and tighter than before. O Maim’! The more often I see you, the more it hurts me to leave. And were I ever to see you again, I would never let you go! Huh!!! But I want you to be happy to if you care for him so then bye.

But if he ever mistreats you and I find out … I can’t help it. Wish I didn’t love you so much. But I cannot help it. C. has stopped smoking. Guess I’ll start in smoking and ____. Our memory is what we forget with if necessary to forget until I’m an old old Batch and reflect. How you used to thrill me in so many many ways. O Geee whiz. Forgive me, I do not blame you dear. You have added much to my life and have taken (heart shape) away. You couldn’t help it. Such is life and love. But gee it hurts.

About 60 of the bunch are leaving for Honolulu soon. No I’m not in it, but I wish I were.

O Mamie, I can’t say goodbye – xx to you. Guess I’ll just have to do something awful and be confined indefinitely. Gee it’s getting late so goodnight darling and __________.


I don't know about you, but I am kind of getting tired of the sappiness of his letters. I might barf if I hear one more "oh gee" or "darling girl." I just want to tell Mamie to sh*t or get off the pot. Marry Clarence and let poor Ernest go, or dump poor Clarence and make this lovesick, pathetic man happy. Let's get the show on the road, lady. What do ya say? Stop toying with these men. I know you like the attention, but it's not doing anyone any favors. Now that the war is over, what's next for these long-distance lovebirds?

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