Monday, January 11, 2010

'Romance isn't dead yet.'

December ?, 1919

Dearest Mamie:

I wonder – when may I see you again? Heavings!

Yes! Honey! But I want to see you. And tell you. Writing is the bunk.

Besides, my writing is all shaky tonight. What is gonna happen? I’m so happy with everything.

O how I wish you were here. Gee!

Mable is singing so beautifully (?) well words won’t express any feelings. She just looked at me and I winked. She is singing now. Only about three paces from here. And well, you know how she can sing. Gee girlie I believe I’m dreaming. Please may they come true. I may have to stop soon. As she is going pretty soon. So dearest dear girl, please forgive me for my very short letter to your long one. Please honey.

Hope things don’t go to swash as they did before. A few times like that and my heart will have burned to a crisp.

And gee, I sure sympathize with you dearest lil darling of mine!

Well, night and I’m gonna call you up and out of bed when Mable has gone.

Oh yes, I received your letter this eve!

Well, I wanted to come, but for your sake, I wouldn’t, as your folks would have found it out and woe to you.

Night x night x night x night x
Your own ED.

I have to compliment you again on ya chum. By gollie. ED.

Ernest is happy. Ernest is shaking. Ernest is scared Mamie might change her mind. Oh how I wish we could read what she said to him! Could it be she has decided to let Clarence go? He says he sympathizes with her, so maybe she has decided to call off her engagement to Clarence and had a hard time doing so. In any case, it looks like Ernest is starting to win that race. It also looks like whatever has happened is still a secret from her parents, and they wouldn't be happy with her decision. If indeed she has decided to just be with Ernest once and for all, what a great way to commemorate such an occasion but with beautiful singing from Mamie's "chum," which I do believe is her sister.

Aero Sqdrn. A Barracks 3
December 17, 1918
March Field
Riverside, Cal.

Dearest little darling of mine:

Received yours the most lovingest letter this noon. O boy! But I was glad, glad to hear from my dearest fiancé again.

‘scuse pencil, am fireman for this section of the barracks for a couple of hours tonight. It’s my turn to shovel coal. Ha ha. Was rather scared for awhile today. We were settling the question of who is to stay here during the holidays. 75 men have to stay. Two men for each hangar (two troubleshooters, guards, fatigue men, etc.) Well one troubleshooter has been sick and away and just came back so he volunteered. And the other got a short straw. We are off from Sat. about noon till 11:00 PM Jan. 2nd. Gee! Yes, a fella kind of hates for a moment to break away from a place where one has been for awhile. And as much as Bertha wants to leave, I’ll bet she stays and stays. Gets in the rut.

Well, Bunny, I wisht your sweet self were here with me. O girl! O girl! But you aren’t. So I guess the rest of the week will just have to d-drag along. It’s getting late again so I’ll shut my eyes for a few hours and forget time. So goodnight. X.

Your own loving ED.

Oh Mamie, every time I write you I think, if I could only write like she does. I always was so bunk at writing. ‘nothing wish. Ha ha. Anyway, I just love you, love you, love you.


(On the outside of the envelope, it says “Romance isn’t dead yet.”)

Did you hear that? FIANCE! What an abrupt shift: Mamie went from Clarence's fiance to Ernest's fiance in a matter of days. Now that he doesn't have to worry about their relationship status, he proceeds to give details about shoveling coal and the vacation status of his mates. Before, he was pining over her as someone else's girl. Now he is free to say, "I just love you, love you, love you." I wonder if the constant gushing will continue, or if he'll be more at ease and subsequently less mushy. In any case, this is a happy day for him. When's the wedding, I wonder?

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