Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Loving Mutt

For these two letters, I wrote them the way Ernest wrote them with few changes in grammar. Notice the antiquated use of 'th' in place of an 's.' He uses 'til' instead of 'until,' and 'wif' instead of 'with.' He puts a 't' in place of 'ed.'

In the first letter, he could either be talking about committing a masked crime, or forgetting to wear his gas mask, or something else. I'm not entirely sure. I'm leaning toward NOT crime because our gushy paramour just isn't the type. He seems to need to cover his face so as not to breathe whatever is in the air. Is this a test? And what is the fine for? The war is over, and he's in Riverside. Odd.

I wish I could ask him what Grace said to him when he ran into her unexpectedly! He skipped over the best part of that story, just to return to fawning over Mamie.

In the second letter, he has made a mistake and will no doubt try to make it up to her. Did he forget to call her or see her? That seems unlikely since he's constantly talking about that very thing. He also says he saw her yesterday, so maybe he said something out of turn about Clarence. We'll never know. But soon we will know who wins her heart once and for all.


The Grammar Nazi
P.S. I hope "feeling Jake" is a euphemism for good health and not a new character introduction.

Aero Squadron A.
December 2, 1918, 8:30
March Field
Riverside, Calif.

Deardeardeardearest Mamie –

Was in town this evening and went for my cam. (?) and razor and incidentally was supposed to appear to pay a fine. I guess I was pinched last night. No mask. Ha ha! Lots of fun! Wish you were there. I sure wanted to sell me one. Told them I wath busted. Kidded them! They wanted me to come in this eve. I said I couldn’t. Then they wanted to lock me up. Honeth. Couldn’t find an M.P. They have to turn us over to them, so finally – It was getting late, just in time to make the field – they asked if I had a hanki to put on. Yea, a dirty one alright. When I got outside, I pulled the hank off and pulled out my mask and wore the old thing ‘til I got on the bus.

Oh girl! How I wisht that were you! Honey! that I bumped into at the feed house this evening. Sat down to a big feed and happened to look in the mirror and saw a face that looked like Grace, but I thought, “No, it couldn’t be and dismissed it.”

After awhile, she suddenly tapped me on the shoulder. Oh, if it could only have been sweet you.

We had a smash up in the field this morning. No one hurt. But one more fellow bumped off at the hospital – pneumonia. Otherwise things are as serene ath mud. Only, I ith awfully lonethum. Hope your guests have a heart and are not rushing you dear, and boy oh boy! Hope the folks were not and are not peeved yet.

And O darn it, no fooling, words can’t express how much I love dear sweet you.

Night! Dearest sweetheart, and I hope the world ith still going around 'til I can see my girl. You may be able to stop writing –

But I can’t.

Night night xxxx dearest.


December 9, 1918

Dearest Sweetheart:

O boy. What an absent-minded mutt I ith. Pleath forgive. Guess I’ll call you up right away. Oooo girl how I miss you. Hope the bunch are not severe on you dear and that you are feeling Jake.

I muth get busy now. It’s 7:00 AM, and the birdies are just buzzing out on the line.
O girlie, I sure wouldn’t have missed being wif you yesterday for the world. Just to be wif you, even tho we had stayed home. Lots of love for you dearest.

Your loving mutt,
Just sent the film away.

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