Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Marry the 'Caveman,' or Not to Marry the 'Caveman'

Ontario, California

January 27, 1919

At Home

My Own Ernest Boy:

I wish I could see you right now, but Clarence is coming tonight, so perhaps you wouldn’t enjoy yourself very much. I have so much to say, but I can’t write it dear. I want you to be sure and come over next Saturday afternoon and evening. I will say this much tonight dear. I have told all to Clarence. I told him I loved you and wanted you for my husband, and oh, it hurt him, but he was so nice to me, and he said he knew he hadn’t treated me like a gentleman should treat “a little lady” and was awfully sorry, but he had realized that his love for me was the very deepest, only after he had left me. He said if it hadn’t been for me, he would have stayed in France in the Secret Service, but his longing for me made him come home, expecting to make a happy home for me.

He called himself a “caveman” because he had been rude to me, and also said that if I decided to marry him, he knew he could make me happy and would give me the deepest love in the world, but he said he would willingly give me up to you if I loved you the best, and would try to forget, but he would never cease loving me and would never marry. But he said his sole thought was to see me happy. I told him I could marry him and do all in my power to make him a happy home, but I could never forget Ernest. And I said I can marry Ernest and never forget him. He told me that it was all up to me, and he wanted to do the right thing. Oh, he is so good and unselfish, just like you!

Now what shall I do? I want to see you Saturday and talk things only with you dear. I love you oh so dearly, and I hate to lose you, and I want to do right by “C” now that he has been so true to me. He promises never to “touch” me until married, and believe me, that’s a whole lot for him to say when he is so “strong.” He had resolved that soon after we parted six months ago, and I know he will stand by his promise.

Now my dear boy heart of mine, don’t feel blue and sad dear. I want you to be happy because remember, I haven’t said I would choose Clarence yet, and I love you better than anyone else in the world. So have good cheer and think about next Saturday night.

I’m feeling a little better tonight. My throat is awful sore and swelled and mighty uncomfortable, but it will soon be OK. Thanks dear for calling me up, and I wish I could talk more like I want to, to you over the phone, but there are so many “ears.”

Mable is well and will be home Wednesday. Agnes is home and called me up tonight. I am anxious to talk to Mable. And you! “C” hasn’t come yet, and it’s 8:00. Never arrive on time. Ha ha! But he always makes up for it.

Well dearie, I’ll kiss you goodnight and with my sweetest love. I am yours. Come Saturday. Your own Mamie.

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