Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Your Lil Wifey Chum'

So Mamie told Clarence everything about Ernest, and yet, he was still coming to visit her. What's next? You guessed it: She's now calling Ernest her husband. Surely they didn't get married since the last letter three days ago. Let's see:

January 30, 1919

My own dearest husband:

Just a note tonight, as I am freezing to death now. I have been sewing tonight, making some very interesting things. Ha! Ha! But while I was sewing, I was also thinking very hard. I do lots of that lately, and it doesn’t get me any place either. Same old thoughts all the time. I am so anxious to see you Saturday. I can hardly wait. I know we will feel like never leaving each other again. I have longed for you all the time, even thought I have been with “C”. The folks accused of us of doing bad things last night and you know our promises and you know also that we wouldn’t break it. They got pretty sore about it. He stayed till 10:30 last night, and they thought it was 2:30 I guess. They still think we would do those things, but __!

I wish we weren’t going to have company Sunday. I want to be with you you you! All day! But I will have to help get dinner and entertain “the gang,” and “C” wants me to go to Pomona at night, and I don’t want to because his folks are going, and I’d lots rather be with you, dearest. We will be together Saturday afternoon and eve anyway, and we will have to make up for lost time. Oh! I want you so! I can just feel myself held close in your arms right now, and your sweetest of kisses!

Mable is home, but haven’t seen her. Agnes was here today awhile.

Bye-bye till Saturday. Come just as early as possible.

Your own Mamie.

January 31, 1919

Dearest Hubby of Mine:

When you get to Ontario Saturday call me up, and I’ll come up to meet you so we can go to LA through, and save all the time it would take for you to come way down here. Will you, dear? This is just a tiny note. I’m just getting up. Ha ha! And Zella is going to school. She is to mail this. I am fine dearest, and oh so happy, and thank you so much for calling me up last night. I always feel 100% better after I talk to you dear. You are so good to me! And I love you so much darling.

Well, bye-bye dear until I see you Saturday. We can get a fair start from here if we do that way dear. Can’t we, dear?

Bye bye sweetheart and all my love,

Your lil wifey chum.

Oh we will have a glorious time alone together, won’t we?

Okay, so it looks like Clarence gets weekdays and Ernest gets weekends. When will that stop? When she's officially married to Ernest? Soon, I hope. I want my great-grandparents to stop living in limbo and get on with it. Clarence's days are numbered. He better enjoy his time while he has it.

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