Thursday, March 18, 2010


This one speaks for itself. The reference to a cow is a nice touch:

Feb. 29, 1919

Oh Ernest Darling! I have just told Clarence goodbye, and I am free again. It was hard, but he understood and told me to tell you that it was okay with him. He felt terribly bad, but said he’d be happy if I could, and I said I could, so it is all okay now. I had a talk with the folks this morning, and they said they would gladly give their consent – to you. Come dear and let’s be happy as we were that eve three weeks ago.

Come over Saturday night or Sunday early, if you can, and then I’ll know that you are really my husband.

I must try to get some sleep, as I have to milk the cow in the morn. Folks are gone ‘til Friday night.

Night dearest and loads of love.

Your “wifey chum,”



  1. I'm really going to be disappointed when this love story ends. Thanks, Chelsey.

  2. You're welcome. There are still some letters left from 1920 and 1925. We're not quite done yet. Thanks!