Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mabel's 'Heart Aches'

Here's a photo of my grandma's family at the end of the 20s/beginning of the 30s. My grandma is the little blond girl in the top row, fourth from the left. Mamie, her mom, is third from the left.

If Mamie would have married Clarence, this photo would look much different.

Below is an outsider's perspective: an outsider who is one of Mamie's closest friends. Girlfriends always know what's best for you and have enough perspective to see what's really going on. Mabel hasn't yet found out that Mamie has decided to be with Ernest after all, so this is her sad letter to Ernest about Mamie and Clarence.

Feb. 26, 1919

Dear Ernest:

I’m just going to drop you a line now to let you know that I’m coming to March Field the 28th this Friday night to give a program, and I sincerely hope that you’re in camp and that I’ll see you.

I’ve intended writing to you for some time, but I’m so busy right now. Ernest, Mamie wrote to me and told me some, but not all. I can’t understand, Ernest, why things turned out as they did. I’m only praying Mamie won’t marry Clarence right away, and if she doesn’t, I’m quite sure she never will.

Ernest, Mamie loves you more than Clarence or anyone else in the world, and it’s awful wrong to marry someone else. Ernest, let me tell you that you have my deepest sympathy, and my heart aches for you, for I know what a heartache real love can cause. It’s indescribable. Ernest, just hope, pray and trust God, and I believe things will come out all right even yet.

I haven’t time to write anymore, Ernest, but do take courage. My heartache can never be remedied. At least I can see no possible remedy now, as I knew not the real love until it was too late. Oh! I don’t want Mamie to suffer the heartache I have. I know she still longs for you, and she said in her last letter she did so want to see you that she was in LA and looked for you all the time, and even she said when she’s with Clarence, she’s thinking of you, and it’s different when she’s with you. Such cannot go on.

I hope you’re back to camp, and you’ll be at the YMCA Friday night. I’m to sing at the hospital first, and I’ll be at the YM about 6:30 or 6:45.

With sincerest regards and deepest sympathy,

842 W. 40th Place
Los Angeles, Cal.

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