Saturday, March 6, 2010

'I Love You More for Losing You Awhile.'

Harvey Farm - 1918

Feb. 25, 1919

Gee, dearie, I looked for you over at Arcadia Saturday until I almost fainted, but I didn’t see you. Randall Duell (sp?) said he’d seen you, and was just going to speak to you when this fellow started giving orders about the balloon. He said you were helping put a balloon away. Oh if only I could have seen you, dear!

Clarence wasn’t with me. I went with the folks and met Bessie McC. and we bummed around all afternoon together. Most of the time, we were on the south side of grounds. She asked where you were. Jimmie said you hadn’t been in camp for about three weeks. I said, “I don’t know and I wish I did.” I can’t stand it much longer, dear. What a wonderful honeymoon we could have had if only – ! Well, it isn’t too late yet, is it dear? I’m afraid your furlough will end too quickly now. I don’t know where you are, dear. I forget your Los Angeles address, and you must not be in camp, or surely you would write to me. I can’t believe you have said goodbye for good, unless you despise me, and if you do, then I’ve made a big fool of myself. But I love you anyway, dear. Please dear. Write to me, and tell me the way you feel, and if you still love me. I am almost yours. Haha! I wish.

Honestly, I wish. I cannot be happy without you, dear. Never! Can you?

I feel better now, since I have told you all about everything. I feel that you surely will come back to me and I will try so hard to help you forget the past, and I will try so hard to make the future a happy one for you. And if you are happy, then I am too. See dear? Will you come, dear?

If you answer with a “yes,” I will tell you more about my plans, and then you will soon hold me close in a sweet, tender embrace. Oh! I can’t wait!

I’m ready any time. Gee! Some people will sure be surprised, believe me! Did we once say romance, boy dear?

I’m going to sleep tonight, and not cry, for I feel your answer, and I shall wear my (your) ring all night. I wore it to Arcadia in hopes of seeing you, but I didn’t, although your spirit was with me.

Goodnight dearest, and please write as soon as possible. I am always your own true “wifey chum.”

Night dear, and lots of kisses. Real ones too.


Oh, if only I could kiss your dear lips right now a million times and more.

Sweetheart mine!


(Ernest’s address on the envelope: 3576 Lonfranco St., Los Angeles, CA)

Wednesday Eve

Feb. 26, 1919

Oh my darling Ernest!

How happy I was today when your sweet long looked for letter came. I could have eaten you up if you had been here! Oh! I am so glad you still love me and want me, dear. I feel sure now that in a short time, I can be happy, and what I want most is for you to be happy. I want “C” to be happy too, but of course, he won’t if I leave him. That is, for awhile anyway. I wish I could see you and talk to you again, dear. Maybe we can now. Won’t you call me up some time soon, dear, please! I want to hear you speak, even though it be over the telephone. I wish you could be here with me tomorrow night, dear, as the folks will be in Whittier until the next day – night perhaps, and Zella will be here alone.

I could sure enjoy life then, believe me! Living in your arms! Please God!

I am looking at the different little lights in my – your diamond. Blue-green-orange-red-yellow-white-purple and oh, they are so very pretty!

Oh, I’m sleepy! And sort of contented. This letter is very short, but I want to dream most of the time, and first thing I know, it’s late and no letter finished. I wish I could dream. I’d try my luck at it. That’s a dandy picture, but please draw one that isn’t so sad – next time, dearie. Ha! Ha!

When can you get another furlough? Ha! Ha!

The folks (or 40 Redskins) were gone today, all day, and I was alone – with you. “C” called up and said he had a tooth pulled and it is all ulcerated, and he can’t come over and everything. I haven’t seen him since Sunday night. We had a fight Sunday night, and I wouldn’t kiss him goodnight, and he went home at 9:00 o’clock.

Oh, I guess the best way is to get in the Dodge and run into the train.

There I go dreaming again. I’m going to bed and sleep again. So, ‘night dearest, and please take the wire out of your precious heart, and I will love the pieces together, and then it won’t ever break again, dearie.

I hope to see you soon, dear, to be really close to you again. “I love you more for losing you awhile.”

Night sweetheart hubby,

Your own “wifey chum,”



Mable will be glad, won’t she, dear, to know that we have “made up.”


  1. This post made me smile. You seem to be a sweet woman. Keep it up!


  2. Hello,

    You and my husband are realated! He is one of Donal Detmers' sons. I'll wait to hear from you and write more later. You've done a beautiful job here.