Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Mr. and Mrs. Detmers, Love Grace and Mabel

(Exeter, CA - Between Fresno and Bakersfield - the newlyweds' new home)

Remember Grace? She isn't mad at Ernest anymore. She sends her well wishes:

Somewhere in MO.
March 25, 1919

Dearest Mamie and Ernest:

Well I’m on my way to dear old California and you. Hope I can find you when I get there. If I stay in Riverside, maybe you can come room with me. Ha! Ha!

Well, when I get to California and settled, I will drop you a card so we can find each other. I never answered your [letter], for I thought I would see you soon.

Oh, I sure was tickled when I heard Earnest had won, for he sure loved you Mamie. I was so glad I sent a letter to G. Couldn’t wait till I arrived home to tell him.

Wish I was married and settled, but can’t be [done] now. It is 5:35 PM now. I arrive in K.C. 12:40 tonight. I start some time tomorrow and arrive in Calif. Friday or Saturday. Then I will round you up.

Love and best wishes, ever and always your sincere friend, Grace

You can look for a card or letter in about a week’s time.

By May, Ernest and Mamie are married and settled into their new home together. According to Mabel, marriage is in the air! It amazing how one can go from barely engaged to married in a matter of a few months:

817 W. 40th Place
Los Angeles, Calif.

May 12, 1919

(Envelope addressed to Mrs. Ernest A. Detmers, Exeter, Calif. #492)

My dearest Mamie:

I must answer your letter today or you’ll think I’m never going to write. I haven’t been feeling very well here lately, so haven’t written to anyone, only Harold and not to him as often as I should.

I’m so glad you’re so happy and like your new place so well. I knew you would. You two could have a good time anyway. We kids went down to Venice last week and we thought of the time we went with you kids. Gee! We sure did have a good time. I always enjoyed being with you and Ernest anyway.

Harold is in the 3rd army Corps, the army of occupation and has moved to Cobleng (Germany) on the Rhine. He says he would be home for 6 mos. at the least and possibly longer. I do so wish he could come home and we could have a home of our own. Sometimes I think I can’t stand it here any longer but then I have too. I am trying to see what I can do to get him home, but it seems I can’t do anything unless I’m sick.

I surely need him if anyone was ever needed. If I wasn’t married, it would be different, but I’m not independent now.

I have my new red taffeta dress done and wore it yesterday to San Bernadino. It surely is pretty.

I saw Sam Collins, Gene Nesbit and John Collins – they look about the same, only Sam is fatter and looks older. Gene looks the same as ever.

I guess Sam and Marjorie Reynolds will be married soon – that is – if she can really settle down! Oh! My!!!!

That old hen that owned our other flat that we had to move out of so quickly has her sign out “For Rent,” “Flat,” “Furnished.” I hope somebody goes in there and scratches her things all up. It sure made me sore when I saw the sign. She said she’d never rent it again. Oh Shucks! Such is life.

I must close now and get to work I guess. So write soon and tell me everything. My best to you both and all!

Yours Devotedly,

I think your wedding announcements were the cutest thing. I’ve always forgotten to tell you so. XXX.

(Written on the side of the letter: Mable H. Stewart)

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