Monday, July 20, 2015

So, I Wrote a Book

I printed my completed manuscript today. Wa-effing-hoo.
I found a line in my old journal that reads, “What I really want to do is get an MFA in creative writing.” I wrote this on April 25, 2000. Fifteen years ago. At the time I had spent two exhausting years getting a single subject credential to teach high school English, and I had finished student teaching and was waiting tables again, killing time before a school district hired me the next fall—the Friday before school started.

Teaching K-12 had never been on my radar, except people had always told me, “You’d make a great teacher,” but they’d always suggested teaching elementary school. I didn’t want to teach elementary school; I’m not crafty, and math isn’t my favorite subject. I had always loved books and writing, had a degree in English I didn’t know what to do with, thought I could share my love of literature with America’s youth, and had the propensity to listen to outside voices.